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2019 -2020 Dearborn County
4-H Shooting Sports Schedule
Instructions, Practices, and Competitions
at the County Farm in Manchester

01/21/2013   ~   Dr. Steven E. Hubbard, D.V.M.
The Splinter Ridge Strutters are very supportive of 4-H and the 4-H Shooting Sports Program. 4-H Shooting Sports teaches 4-H ers gun/archery safety and shooting skills in 6 disciplines: Rifle, Archery, Pistol, Shotgun, Black Powder and Outdoor Pursuits.

Sporting Arms Family Education is a project directed by the county shooting sports leaders that have received state 4-H approved training. This group conducts all shooting activities with the approval of the 4-H Board of Directors. The group is led by the Coordinator who oversees the activities of each discipline. The six disciplines offered in Dearborn County are as follows:
  • Archery-Shooting Sports
  • Black Powder-Shooting Sports
  • Outdoor Pursuits-Shooting Sports
  • Pistol-Shooting Sports
  • Rifle-Shooting Sports
  • Shotgun-Shooting Sports
The following instructors have been trained as "Certified Instructors" through the Purdue 4-H Shooting Sports Workshop program. A Certified 4-H Instructor must have passed the course to be supported by the Purdue Liability Insurance program. All 4-H shooting activities must have a certified 4-H Instructor in the respective discipline present and in control of the activity.

Shooting Sports Coordinator:
Greg Green (Coordinator) 513-623-6865
Steve Stenger (Assistant Coordinator) 812-576-4701  or 513-623-4832 (cell) 

  • Earl Shuter  812-584-8411
  • Zach Hoffman                        812-623-0160
Outdoor Skills:
For club and general information contact Cathy Kolb at 812-637-2357 or

Each of these instructors received advanced training at the State Shooting Sports
Workshop. They help with the project under the guidance of the shooting sports
2019-2020 Dearborn County
4-H Shooting  Flyer
Instructions, Practices, and Competitions
at the County Farm in Manchester
Hunters Education—must attend both dates
to complete certification. Hunters Education
class is not mandatory to participate in
shooting sports project.
For mor
E information contact
Dick Bower at 812-623-3362 or
Steve Stenger at 812-576-4701
or 513-623-4832.
  • Friday March 6. 2020,  6:00-9:00pm
  • Hunters Education,  Agner Hall
  • Saturday March 7, 2020,  9:00am-4:00pm Hunters Education,  Agner Hall

Shoot,  County Farm 
Wednesday April 1
Range Clean-up, County Farm 
Saturday April 4
Friday April 17 5:30pm-7:00pm
Shoot,  County Farm 
Saturday April 18
Wednesday April 22
Range Clean-up, County Farm
May 1
Shoot,  County Farm 
Saturday May 2
9:00am - 12:00pm
Range Clean-up, County Farm
Friday May 15
Shoot,  County Farm 
Saturday May 16
9:00am - 12:00pm
Wednesday May 20
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Range Clean-up, County Farm
Tuesday June 2
Shoot,  County Farm
Wednesday June 3
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Competition,  County Farm
Saturday June 6
(Listen to Eagle Radio or check Dearborn
County 4-H Facebook for cancellations)

June 22-27, 2020 Dearborn County Fair

4-H Shooting Sports Volunteer
Certification Training, Ross Camp
April 3-5
Sept 11-13
 Fair set-up
Wednesday June 17 9:00am & 6:00pm
Project check-in & judging
June 20
9:00am - 11:30am
Help cook at the dinner
June 26

Fair clean-up
June 28

East Central FFA Alumni Hunting Scholarship Raffle
Posted On October 25, 2017
Courtesy East Central High School Future Farmers of America Alumni.  Duane Bischoff
The EC FFA Alumni (East Central High School Future Farmers of America Alumni in Indiana) are having the first ever Hunting Scholarship Raffle. 1st Prize is a combination hunt including Elk / White Tail / Mule Deer / Bear / Mountain Lion and Wolf for 2 hunters at Clark Fork Outfitters. Idaho Panhandle National Forests in Clark Fork Idaho. Includes guide service, license, Idaho state sales tax, lodging and food,  travel expenses and gratuity for the guide.  Valued at $12,000. There is a cash option for 1st prize if you don't want the hunt valued at $7000.  2nd prize is a hog hunt for 2 at Caryonah in Crossville Tenn.  Includes Guide service, lodging, license to hunt, processing fee, Tennessee state tax and travel expenses. Valued at $2800. 3rd prize is $500. Tickets are $50 and available at my shop (Hoosier Foreign Auto Service). If you are out of the area you can send a check to Hoosier Foreign Auto Service, 7892 Schuman Road, St Leon, IN 47012 for the $50 along with a cell number and contact information.  Make the checks out to EC FFA Alumni.  Once I cash the check and it clears,  I will fill a ticket out in your name and send you a photo of the ticket for your copy.  We will be drawing the winner at my shop on April 16, 2018. That date is subject to change if we get all of the tickets sold sooner.  ONLY 500 tickets available so you need to hurry.  Please feel free to share this.  All of the proceeds from the raffle go back into our scholarship fund.  If questions, please contact  Duane Bischoff on Facebook.  Thank You

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Dearborn County 4-H Shooting Sports Receives Generous Donation
From Splinter Ridge Strutters
Press release by Dearborn County 4-H Youth Development
Posted On April 20, 2017  - Courtesy Eagle Country 99.3

 - Dearborn County, Ind.
Dr. Steven Hubbard of the Bright Veterinary Clinic, on behalf of Splinter Ridge Indiana Chapter of National Wild Turkey Federation, presented Scott and Kristie Gabbard and their daughter Marissa with a $400 donation to Dearborn County 4-H Shooting Sports.  In addition, present to receive the donation was Liz Beiersdorfer, Dearborn County 4-H Youth Development Educator and her son Ethan Beiersdorfer.

4-H Shooting Sports is a popular project with Dearborn County youth.  Ninety-one 4-H youth will complete 134 shooting sports projects this year.  Objectives of the Indiana 4-H Shooting Sports Project are to promote the highest standards of safety, sportsmanship and ethical behavior, including sound decision making, to enhance the development of self-concept, character and personal growth through socially acceptable involvement in shooting activities, and to teach safe and responsible use of firearms and archery equipment, self-discipline and concentration.
Seventeen 4-H certified instructors work with shooting sports youth in the following disciplines: rifle, shotgun, pistol, muzzle-loader, archery, hunting, and wildlife.  The project continues to grow and Steve Stenger, Site Coordinator, says “shooting sports is always looking for new volunteers to carry the program forward.  We especially need archery instructors”. If you are interested in becoming a 4-H Shooting Sports volunteer, or would like to support Dearborn County 4-H by making a donation to the shooting sports project, please contact Liz Beiersdorfer, Dearborn County 4-H Youth Development Educator by phone at 812-926-1189 or email

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